“Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny”

A Message From Lloyd, SoberCruises organizer.

Hello Past and Future Cruisers,

For over 5 years I have had the honor and privilege running SoberCruises. It is now time for this old dog to "Pass it On" to others.


FUTURE: There are two fantastic couples taking over the duties of organizing the upcoming SoberCruises. Brett and Lisa S. from Phoenix along with Jim and Sue T. from Canada. Please Please support their efforts. They will be taking over the web site and soon posting the schedule for November 2009 and all of 2010. They have assured me they will have the full annual schedule as I have had. I'm sure they will do a great job and bring even more options for those of us in the program to travel and share together. LOOK FOR the November 2009 schedule to soon be posted.  It is always important to get signed up as soon as possible especially in this economic period we are now in.

SOON: they will be contacting all our past cruisers via US mail and Email with the upcoming schedules. Look for and please help get the word out and flyers posted when you receive them.


Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards those that have participated in this most rewarding program experience. Every trip was filled with experiences shared by others from all around the globe with us all. Never in all of my years of being involved with meetings, conferences, roundups and other program events have I ever experienced anything as powerful as the variety of sharing and camaraderie that I have on these trips. It truly has been an experience in the 4th dimension. I thank you all!


Occasionally I will join you on some of the upcoming trips and look forward to seeing many of you again and making friends with new SoberCruisers.The Mediterranean 12 day cruise from Rome September 21st will be the last trip that I will be organizing. 


In Love and Service always,

Lloyd C