“Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny”

                                                 ROUNDUP GUIDELINES

The Structure and Guidelines are the same as for all Conferences, Roundups, and Conventions. Guidelines put out by G.S.O., Box 459, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10163. These sober cruise programs are "FOR, BY, and ABOUT" our members and their program in order to provide sober vacations combined with a roundup conference.  

The Sober Cruise committee plans, arranges the program, provides speakers, and workshops that will be enjoyable to all. The program will include group participation, a 12 step camp on the hi-sea and a great vacation. In order to attend any of the program event's you must register through our committee at SoberCruises.com.

Booking your reservation through the Sober Cruises committee registers you.  There is no markup from our group rates. Inventory at our group rate is limited, all registrations for our group members or attendees must be booked through SoberCruises to attend. Deposit-registration and/or arrangements must be made by phone at 1-866-356-8211. Please make sure you deposit early so you are protected if the rates go up or the space sells out. All Deposits are secured with the Cruise line on your signup with SoberCruises. Deposits secure your registration-rate and are 100% refundable until 90 days before sailing. Final balances are always due 90 days before sailing.

The format will be open speaker meetings in the evening after dinner, several workshops on cruising days i.e. sponsorship, 12/12, BB, traditions, legacies, etc., and breakfast meetings in the mornings. This will vary from attendance at roundups and cruising itinerary.
Just like any other program event there is no mandatory attendance required.

  Feel free to plan this trip with your family or bring along friends that are not in the program. They will feel comfortable, and it will be a way for them to travel with you at a group discounted price. They will need to book through the committee. We will have our own meeting areas and anonymity will be no problem.

The only real difference from other roundups will be the exotic setting, all the free food you can eat, the luxury you will be in, the waiting on you hand and foot treatment, the free food, the exploring a distant place, the weather, the free food, a break from it all, we will be on a Cruise liner ON THE OCEAN, and of course the free food.